Adult Martial Arts Program


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Our Adult martial arts program is prepared to meet your needs in training for skills as well as personal needs such as keeping your body fit and healthy and emotionally tuned. There are many reasons why students take our adult martial arts classes. Some needed to get a push into shape, with needed encouragement and motivation, and some wish to lose weight. Some want to learn practical no nonsense effective self-defense tactical methods. And some want to set a long-term goal of achieving the coveted “Black Belt”. Learning and training are the keys to challenging your mind, body, and spirit.


These are separate curriculum for our adult martial arts classes:

  1. TAMA Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu

  2. Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

  3. Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu (Traditional Chinese Martial Arts)

  4. Icho Ryu Aikijutsu

  5. Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ)

  6. Tai Chi

  7. Filipino Kali with JKD

  8. Self Defense Class

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    Group of young people in kimono that make martial arts exercise