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At TAMA Martial Arts School, we celebrate with your child on his/her birthday in a Martial Arts way. We have a special program which your child will surely enjoy and cherish for the rest of his/her life.

Every child deserves a day filled with happiness alone on his/her birthday. Here at TAMA, we want to achieve an extra special birthday celebration your child deserves to experience in his childhood. A memory that is worth looking back for when he/she gets old. Remember to “Book A Birthday Party” for your child’s birthday party.

Birthday party

This Martial-art-themed birthday party will give your child the chance to celebrate his/her birthday inside the martial arts studio that is spacious with plenty of room for games. But since it is his/her special day, he/she must also have special treatment on that day. The celebrant will be given a special chance to be that day’s instructor. The leader of the entire training session. Everybody will be his/her students. On that day, he gives the instructions for the exercises and techniques that will be practiced and will also give a demonstration of the techniques if necessary.

Aside from being the instructor of the day, the celebrant also gets the chance to play along with the other kids through fun games and activities we prepare. These prepared games and activities are with relevance to martial arts. We make sure that everything, as well as the games, is part of being a martial artist. And being a martial artist at his/her young age, he will be taught to make use of a martial artist’s sword to slice his/her cake instead of a usual knife. This is one of the highlights of this party. He is not only taught in the process of doing it but is also taught of the value of the sword he is using for his cake. The celebrant must be taught that along with slicing his/her cake is the respect he gives to his/her sword in doing so.

After everybody has enjoyed the games and the cake, a special token will be given to the birthday celebrant and that is the ceremonial black belt. This belt will serve as his reminder of that special day and of his once-in-a-lifetime chance of becoming an instructor at this very young age.

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