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TAMA Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu

Our adult Kenpo karate jiujitsu class program is prepared to meet your needs in physical and mental training for martial arts skills as well as personal needs such as keeping your body fit and healthy. The program offered in our school will help you in improving a lot of aspects in yourself may it be to instill confidence, discipline, focus or stress reliever program while learning martial arts.
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Learning how to defend yourself is necessary and being able to be mentally prepared at all times. Trusting anyone is an understatement. Thus, if you can’t trust anyone then why not build trust to your own self. In such way, you will be able to face whatever circumstances or emergencies that may come your way. You will be your own self’s superhero which you may have never thought before. You will see yourself transform into new you in our program.

TAMA Martial Arts encourages adults to learn practical self-defense techniques as well as keeping themselves fit at the same time. Studying Martial art techniques and skills with us bring a lot of advantages. Of course, learning self-defense is one of our curriculum we offer. But aside from this, with the help of Grandmaster Manuel Taningco, will help you develop your self-confidence and bring out the best of you. 

We make sure that at the end of every training session, you can bring home with you not only the techniques but the right attitude that is being honed as you undergo martial art training. Building better character and life skills and self-respect are some of the benefits training under Grandmaster Taningco other than building fast hand movements and feet from our adult Kenpo Karate Jiu-jitsu classes.

It is never too late to study martial arts. Martial arts is NOT about how old you are, it is how willing you are to learn. Never limit your mind and your body to learn. We have students as old as over 60, 70 years old in this program that had done very well. Challenge yourself and see yourself transform into new you in our adult Kenpo Karate jiujitsu program. Try our 3 private lessons at NO-Obligation, one-on-one.

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