Muay Thai (Thai kickboxing)

Muay Thai Kickboxing Program

Our classes on Adult Muay Thai kickboxing (Thai Boxing) are categorized depending on the student’s level. We offer classes for beginners and advanced students. Each has different focus and training techniques. The students learn the intricate footwork, focus mitt training, Thai pad training, with partner application training, theories, and principles of the fighting art of Muay Thai with eight limbs.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that has become famous of its mixture of techniques that include kicks, punches, elbows, knees, and clinch work. It is known as the national sport of Thailand where this sport has originated and had now globally became popular.  It makes use of the sturdy body parts such as the elbows and knees. But, it does not matter how strong or weak you can be before engaging yourself to do Muay Thai Kickboxing since the training in adult Muay Thai classes will mold you in developing your body’s condition and speed. It will help you loose weight, gain confidence about yourself and be able to defend yourself it if need be.

Our Muay Thai classes for beginner accommodate those who are new to martial arts training. They are giving undivided attention and separated from the group to give the beginners special attention individually. IThe beginner classes will help you build a strong foundation of techniques that you may use to the next level of Muay Thai training. Mental and physical training are the focus of this level of training.

Training in advanced adult Muay Thai classes includes more challenging yet more effective offensive and defensive strategies and combinations against another opponent or, in this case, a sparring partner. The student is guided into sparring with more experience assistant instructor to help build their confidence in the ring.

Adult Muay Thai Kickboxing classes are specially designed to meet the needs of the students and to help them reach their desired level in martial arts as well. Here in TAMA Adult Muay Thai, we make sure that our Muay Thai classes will hone each student in becoming the best that they can be. Call now to get started with your self-discovery.

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