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Been going for over a year now with my son. Great instructors for all age levels. I’m retired army and this has been a great workout to keep in shape.
Christian S.
My son just started and he absolutely loves going, I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time.
Amy Phommavong
My son has been going to this school for a little over a month and we are sooooooo happy with the staff and everything he is learning. His confidence has gone up and we couldn’t be happier with the school and master!
Michelle Steck
I have 3 grandchildren attending this school, the Master is amazing, and the staff as well. Very happy with the way they teach, and, I’m looking forward to many years with them
Emily S.

AND see what other adult students had to say…

Nice people and good practical training, particularly enjoy the BJJ classes with JR.
David Sigthorsson
I have studied Martial Arts for many years. I was introduced to the Filipino Martial Arts while living in Saudi Arabia. This is where I began studying Arnis. When I came back to Ohio, I remembered an amazing martial artist, Master Manuel Taningco. I remembered being amazed by him when I saw him give a demonstration back in the late 70’s. I visited Master T’s school and fell in love with the place, the students, and Master T’s instruction. Currently, I study Kali. I would recommend the school and this art to anyone, regardless of background, age, or activity level.
Douglas Vaughan
This is a wonderful program and complete training! Our child has been coming for 7 months: competition team, good focus on children development. Comprehensive mix of adults, teenagers, and children. By far the best of it’s kind in Southwest Ohio!
Jay Brown
I have kids who take classes here and these classes have really boosted their self-esteem. My daughter has even learned to curb her anger and process it for good. My son used to have horrible self-esteem but since the classes, I have seen a huge 360°!
Guinevere Jojo
We enrolled our son a few months back and plan to grow with this journey, The master is second to none and pays great attention to progress, (good or bad) honest and sincere is pretty apparent in all that goes on here. If you take your child or yourself anywhere else, you are missing the very best that there is in the Miami Valley Period!!
Johnny Foster
We love TAMA martial arts! Our entire family has trained there and wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Amy Traxler
As a student for almost 10 years and instructor for 4 years, I can’t see myself training anywhere else! The welcoming and positive atmosphere combined with our tradition of excellence and personal development make this my home away from home. The children’s program is great for developing discipline and self-confidence, and adult programs are wonderful for self-defense and getting in shape! You won’t find a better martial arts center in the Miami Valley!
Wesley Calton
Master T is a great instructor. All the students are helpful and insightful. I feel like I made a lot of physical gains ever since I started there.
Reggie Burks
I started at TAMA a year ago, and I absolutely love it. It is my home away from home. There were two things that impressed me most within my first week:

1. Everything was relaxed, yet professional. I was very intimidated when I first thought about learning karate; I had visions of the large schools seen in movies like the Karate Kid. When I entered Tama I was immediately put at ease by the friendly personality of Sue, the front desk attendant.

2. By the second class, everyone knew my name. The first week, all the instructors and many of my fellow students knew my name. I would walk in and people would say “Hi, Rachael!” And I would say “hi” and think to myself “whoever you are” because I had not learned all their names yet. 😉

Rachel Pope Adult Martial Arts Classes Classes:
When it comes to the classes, we work hard and have fun. In the group class for ages 13+, there is plenty of variety. Boredom is never an issue, because we are always doing something different or doing a variation of a previous drill.

Mighty Mites: I do not have any children in this class (I don’t have any children at all.), but I do volunteer as an aide to Master Taningco during this class. What impressed me most about the Mighty Mites class was how much fun Master Taningco has with his students. It is great to hear the student’s laughing at a joke Master Taningco makes and to see their enthusiasm as they enter the building. “Where is Master Taningco?” they often ask. There is no doubt that students admire and love Master Taningco, and Master Taningco feels the same towards them. For parents considering starting your Might Mite (4-6-year-old child/children) at Tama, I highly encourage it. Your child will be welcomed and put at ease immediately. Master Taningco:

There is no doubt that Master Taningco possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of martial arts. But what I most admire is his patience. Anyone who knows me knows that I ask questions; I will be the first to admit that I don’t understand something. No matter how many times I admit my confusion and ask for help, Master Taningco works with me until I understand the technique. Another mark of a good instructor aside (from patience) is one who knows how and when to praise.

Master Taningco is observant of the progress his students makes and does not shy away of complimenting their improvements. A simple word of praise can go a long way. Often times learners (of any subject/discipline) can feel frustrated at what seems to be a lack of progress; we don’t often see the progress we make, and it can be discouraging. But, a simple word from an instructor can boost our confidence and let us know that while we may not see or feel the change, we are definitely making forward progress. In short, I recommend visiting and trying out TAMA. It is a friendly, family-oriented environment with programs for all ages. TAMA offers great instruction in a non-intimidating, always pleasant atmosphere
Rachel Pope

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