After School Martial Arts Program

Why Choose Tama?

Why Choose TAMA Martial Arts Center

Our Mission:

At TAMA Martial Arts Center is to use the martial arts training as a vehicle to ensure each student has the opportunity to develop intellectually, physically and ethically. Changing lives through martial arts training positively for personal development creates a positive impact in the community. With a reputation for being one of the top schools in the country, TAMA has been serving the greater Miami Valley since 1976.

Personal Growth

Our goal is for each student to take the traditional values, skills and benefits they learn at TAMA Martial Arts Center and apply them to their personal and professional lives.

Practical Self-Defense

The safety of our students comes first and is a top priority at TAMA. With this in mind, we are committed to teaching students practical and realistic self-defense applications for real life situations.

The Power Of Discipline

If there was one thing I would want my students to take away from their experience training at TAMA, it would be the power of DISCIPLINE and self-control. With discipline, you can accomplish anything, without it, you will achieve nothing.


Under the direction of Manuel Taningco, TAMA has grown not only in student body but in the services offered to its members. TAMA pioneered the multi-discipline classes offered to the public since 1976. With a philosophy of servicing, each student with compassion and commitment to personal growth will ultimately empower each student.


Teaching Kids Karate lessonTAMA is committed to providing students with legendary service and a world-class facility. TAMA Martial Arts Center leads and paved the way of martial arts training to other martial arts studios. Has helped 5 other locations in establishing their martial arts programs in the greater Miami Valley area. TAMA has remained committed to providing students with some of the most effective martial arts in the world while achieving personal character development, and life skills.

Martial Arts Classes will instill confidence in your child, improve child’s ability to understand and take directions, improve mental focus, build self-discipline and respect to others. Cultivate healthy life skills and social habits for future success.
Enroll your child in our award winning children’s martial arts program established since 1976.

Give Your Child a Gift of Confidence.

Enroll your child in our award winning children’s martial arts program established since 1976.
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